What makes the Piano difficult to learn?

Looking at the keyboard on a piano, you would think it is quite straight forward with the 52 white keys and 36 black. 88 keys in total literally allow you to play anything.

When you think of being able to play anything, if that thought excites you, then learning the piano is for you.

Have you ever tried patting your head and rubbing your belly? Basically this is a coordination exercise where both hands are doing things independently of one another. The same goes for the piano.

In piano music, there is a line of music for the left hand called Bass Clef and a line call Treble clef for the right hand. The right hand generally plays the melody or tune and the left will be more accompaniment and harmony based.

Putting these two together is not easy and takes lots of practice, but with patience, dedication, and time it is more than achievable.

The key to learning to play the piano and reading music is the desire to be able to play something you have heard or want to play. The practice is key. A good teacher will awaken a fire inside you and give you a hunger for learning. Take a look at what is on offer online, maybe take a learn to read music course to get you started.

I wish you well on your musical journey and should you ever wish to ask any questions, please drop me a line.